In deep space, an ancient alien race is dying. To try and find help, “Sleepers” on their planet mentally scan the cosmos for intelligent life and eventually discover Earth.

The mind sweep causes a “sleeping sickness” across our world. Thousands fall into a coma as a result of the connection. But a special few – the Lucidae – are able to form stable psychic connections with sleeper alien minds and are able to meld with their bodies on their world.

Imogen, a 23-year-old student, proves to be one of the most powerful Lucidae. But she is not the only one. Eve, a dangerous fanatic, poses a deadly threat to the alien civilisation, which only Imogen will be able to challenge.

Meanwhile on Earth, certain secret organisations realise there is more to the strange sleeping sickness than meets the eye and they are closing in on the Lucidae…

Lucidae has won four international festival script awards.

    Written by Jaqueline Marett Produced by David Burns